¿What are the mínimum to order to get a 25% discount?

The mínimum order for a 25% discount is 12 pieces of 1160 ml each bottle, you can buy only one herbal or assorted; for example 12 pieces of Damiana extract or 1 piece of Damiana, 1 of Valeriana, 1 Passiflora etcétera to complete 12.

¿What are the mínimum to order to get a 40% discount ?

The mínimum for a 40% discount is 50 pieces, also you can buy one extract or assorted.

¿Are the bottles glass ambar like in the photo?

No, we are very sorry but postal service and shipping companies are not allowed to transport glass, anyway we strongly recomend to keep it in a glass ambar bottle once arrived.

¿The bottle contain is exactly one liter equal to 1000 ml?

No, we advertise one liter but thuthly are 1160 ml, more tan advertised.

¿What is the estimated time to get my order?

We usually send 48 hours after payment received, if you are in USA and CAN you will receive in approximately 5-8 days, Europe in 12-18 days, if takes longer we ll be helping to track.

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