Bearberry Herbal Extract 1 Liter


Extracted from: Folium Uvae Ursi consists of the dried leaves of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng.

Ratio 1:1

Content: 1.160 ml

Packaged: Plastic container and box.



Medicinal uses
Uses described in pharmacopoeias and in traditional systems of medicine
Internally, as a mild urinary antiseptic for moderate inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract and bladder, such as cystitis, urethritis and dysuria.
Uses described in folk medicine, not supported by experimental or clinical data
As a diuretic, to stimulate uterine contractions, and to treat diabetes, poor eyesight, renal or urinary calculi, rheumatism and venereal disease.
Topical applications have been used for skin depigmentation.

During pregnancy or lactation, or in children under the age of 12 years.
Folium Uvae Ursi is also contraindicated in patients with kidney disorders.

Folium Uvae Ursi should not be used for prolonged periods. Patients with persistent symptoms of a urinary tract infection should consult a physician. Use of Folium Uvae Ursi may cause a greenish-brown coloration of the urine that darkens on exposure to air due to the oxidation of hydroquinone.


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Weight 4 lbs

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