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Product: Cuachalalate Botanical name: Amphypteringium adstringens Quantity: 100 Lb Drug presentation: Cutted, grounded or powdered as your request for sieving and mesh number. Packaged. Drums or box.  

Herbal Liquid Extracts

Cuachalalate Extract 1 Liter


Extracted from: the cortex of Amphypteringium adstringens. Ratio: 1:1 Content: 1.160 ml Packaged: Plastic container and box.


Product: Cuachalalate Botanical name: Amphypterigium adstringens Quantity: 50 Lb Drug presentation: Crushed throught 14 mesh, grounded throught 20 mesh. Note: If powdered trought 80 or 100 mesh add $69 usd plus.