Hamula / Brickellia cavanillesii

Anxiolytic-like effects and toxicological studies of Brickellia cavanillesii (Cass.) A. Gray in experimental mice models

Ethnopharmacological relevance: Brickellia cavanillesii (Asteraceae) (Cass.) A. Gray is one of the popular plants consumed in Central America and Mexico for the treatment of several diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and anxiety, among others.

Aim of the study: To determine the anxiolytic-like effect of Brickellia cavanillesii and the safety of its use through toxicological studies.

Material and methods: Anxiolytic-like effects of soluble-methanol extract of Brickellia cavanillesii (MEBc) were evaluated in ambulatory activity (open-field test), hole-board test, cylinder of exploration, the elevated plus-maze and the potentiation of the sodium pentobarbital-induced hypnosis mice models. On the other hand, in vivo toxicological studies were conducted on acute and sub-acute mice models recommended by OECD. Active MEBc was subjected to phytochemical studies through conventional chromatographic techniques to isolate bioactive compounds.

Results: MEBc (100 mg/Kg) showed significant anxiolytic-like effect on animal model used (po0.05). The phytochemical analysis of MEBc allowed the isolation of two major compounds nicotiflorin and acacetin, among others. Both compounds were found to be partially responsible for the anxiolytic-like effects. Moreover, a median lethal dose (LD50) higher than 2000 mg/Kg was determined in mice and subacute oral administration of MEBc (100 mg/Kg) did not alter body weight, clinical chemistry parameters (ALT and AST) and it did not induce any toxic nor alteration in the liver, kidney and heart functions.

Conclusions: In current investigation, we have shown that MEBc has a wide range of pharmacology– toxicology patterns. The results support further investigation of MEBc as a potential anxiolytic phytomedicinal agent.

More information: http://www.ciq.uaem.mx/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/29BAG2016JEt90.pdf

Hamula monograph

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