Aztecasplants Company

Aztecasplants is a mexican familiar company stablished in 1999, we are dedicated to import and export of herbals, raw material, herbal extracts, esential oils, standarized extracts, potentialized extracts.

FDA Register

We have a FDA register for export and we are member of the mexican register for importers.

Wholesale herbals

We sell wholesale of mexican herbs but also we have international agreements to trade indonesian and egiptian herbals

Retail herbals

We sell retails but for distributors, we offer our herbal extracts per liter and our raw herbals per pounds, you can choose the milling and sieving. Our extracts are of higher quality.

Esential oils

Our esential oils are imported from India, Asia and Europe. We request and test for the best quality, only 100% natural herbals oils are qualified to our stock, no chemicals additives added to our oils, no even natural cheaper oils for adulteration are added, we sell 100% natural aromas esential oils.

Our history

Our family has been in the herbal business for three generations, the grand mother was a traditional healer that use to cure people with herbals, our director´s father was also a healer and our director is a specialist in phytotetherapy, our director´s son is now being educated to be a doctor with wide knowledge on herbal science.

A social company

We have been working with indian people from Oaxaca México several years in cooperation, this mean when you buy in our company part of the benefits are direct applied the poorest áreas of the mountains.

Our offices interior