The use of medicinal plants

Medicinal plants are longer companions of human evolution, we went together in this adventure to evolve and therefore the human body feels very comfortable when is helped to regain health through these very old companions of all existence, for many years we firmly believe to have found the “key to health” with patent or conventional medicine methods, it was no wonder; conventional medicine surprised us with its high efficiency, however it did not take long to realize that security was and remains a problem, acute side effects and iatrogenic consequences that drugs cause was a bad lesson, some long term as metformin and glibenclamide but others almost immediately as benzodiazepines and anti-inflammatory steroids; this woke us up from that fantasy health we live and now at the beginning of this century characterized for the information and access to it we have realized that the human body still prefer to be treated with the affection of the natural evolution represented by medicinal pantas and not with the aggressiveness of drug patent that long term has already given us a lesson in less health; we have not failed completely with conventional medicine patent but we now know that this should be prescribed only to face a high need and pondering the welfare of the patient, prescribing this only to an urgent needing and not with the first signs of any discomfort that can be easy cured with the healing nature of the body itself or with the help of some of his former companions of evolution … the medicinal plants.


Specialist in herbal medicine.

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