• Clinical data 80%
  • Efficacy 80%
  • Security 80%
  • Toxicity 20%


Eryngium heterophyllum

General appearance

Grass of 40cm to 1m of height. The leaves are rough, stiff, thorny and with white edges and nerves. The flowers are green mats.

Original from Mexico. Present in dry, semi-dry and temperate climates, between 1900 and 2750msnm. It grows on abandoned, irrigated or temporary agricultural land. Associated with disturbed vegetation of xerophilous scrub, pasture, oak and pine forests.

Medical uses of Eryngium heterophyllum

This plant that is known as yerba del sapo, among other names, is often used against rust, ingesting the infusion made with the whole plant (Michoacán), or cooked with manzanita leaves (Arctostaphylos pungens) ; it is taken as drinking water (Aguascalientes) or mixed with governor (Larrea tridentata), lemon juice is added, and it is drunk every day, when there are problems in kidneys and liver diseases, (Hidalgo).

It is often used against cough, for which it is recommended to prepare a tea that is taken three times a day. It is possible to drink the decoction of the whole plant together with the grass of the skunk (Chenopodium graveolens).

Also, it is advised to use this cooking against bile, diarrhea, stomach pain, fevers, bumps, lung and bladder diseases, whooping cough and cholelithiasis (gallstones); It can also be applied with canvases on the swellings produced by blows. When these are corporal, it is used in vaporizations (rubbing the water produced by cooking on the swollen part and covering it with a cloth), for several days.

However, to relieve the cramps of women in the menstrual stage tea is prepared with the plant, adding leaves of guapilla (Hechtia glomerata) and manzanita, which is taken four times, one every third day, after having started the rule, at night (V. pain of rule).

Other uses that are given are: against back pain, bronchitis, and bronchopneumonia.


Not yet described.

More information: http://www.medicinatradicionalmexicana.unam.mx/monografia.php?l=3&t=&id=7586

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