Valeriana officinalis / Valerian


Product: Valerian

Botanical name: Valeriana officinalis

Quantity: 5 Lb

Drug presentation: As request of customer, milled, grounded, powdered, raw drug.



Medicinal uses

Uses supported by clinical data

As a mild sedative and sleep-promoting agent. The drug is often used as a milder alternative or a possible substitute for stronger synthetic sedatives, such as the benzodiazepines, in the treatment of states of nervous excitation and anxiety-induced sleep disturbances.

Uses described in pharmacopoeias and in traditional systems of medicine

As a digestive aid, and an adjuvant in spasmolytic states of smooth muscle and gastrointestinal pains of nervous origin. When associated with papaverine, belladonna, and other spasmolytics, Radix Valerianae has been shown to be useful as an adjuvant in spastic states of smooth muscle such as spastic colitis.

Uses described in folk medicine, not supported by experimental or clinical data

To treat epilepsy, gum sores, headaches, nausea, sluggish liver, urinary tract disorders, vaginal yeast infections, and throat inflammations; and as an emmenagogue, antiperspirant, antidote to poisons, diuretic, anodyne, and a decoction for colds.



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