Herbs wholesale company stablished in 1999 year we are one of the most experienced and profesional companies in trading Medicinal plants, herbal extracts and esential oils.
We work direct with the mexican indian farmers in the mazatecs mountains in Oaxaca, México, our method is the cooperation with the farmers and the support not only in the production but also in the development of the mazatec area where we stablish.
Our ethical commitment is to help the growers and offer a high quality product to our customers around the world.
We have exported Herbals from Mexico to more than 60 countries in our 16 years in the market.
Herbs wholesale is our speciality and we have a stock not other distributor in the world can supply, our quality is superior and our honest service is valuable.
Herbs wholesale aztecasplants

Our commitment

Our herbals and raw material are in good conditions storage, good manufacturing conditions processed. Our speciality are the mexican herbs and this include plants like Salvia divina, Calea zacatechichi and others. We prepare extracts using galenic method, this mean not big quantities to focus on quality, we process kilo by kilo to get liter by liter.

Our History

Aztecasplants was a dream one day in 1993 started with only 10 usd in the pocket, not mills, not facility, not workers, not export or import only 10 usd and the good intention to grow. Our CEO founder Dr. Alfonso was a joung man coming from a country in war with not fortune but with the knowledge to run this that now is a company recognized around the world. In our record we have supplied companies like McCormick, Kellogs, BouncingBearBotanicals, Arena Botanicals and exported to many countries. Aztecasplants was a dream became truth to supply quality. In our facility in México we are working always to improve our service, so if you have any problem to order, any doubt or once ordered any complain please write me direct to Dr. Alfonso